Visible voices – Anuthin Wongsunkakon

About Talk

The font that everyone is currently reading in this booklet comes from the “Sukhumvit” set. This set originated to work for Apple’s OS X by Anuthin Wongsunkakorn’s team. He is an acclaimed designer and professional administrator of Thai fonts. Anuthin’s power in communication is more than just visual; he believes that fonts are all about evolution and progression. Fonts indicate how far we have come in society, especially in terms of design and self -expression. He shines a light on Thai language and shows the world what Thailand has to offer. There is no question that Anuthin is known as one of the leading designers who helped lay the foundations of Thai font design. His team continuously help and educate young people on the importance and value of language and alphabets. He emphasizes that fonts are more than just an aesthetic, it’s an expression of one’s contribution to society.

About Speaker

– Founder of Cadson® Demak company.Works as a consultant and designer specialized in Thai fonts.
– Works as a special lecturer of Visual Communication Design at the Faculty of Architecture at a leading university in Thailand
– He is a lecturer that is incredibly aware of the value of good communication tools as well as a design’s aesthetic qualities
– A leading font designer in Thailand. The company works with other global and local companies, including Google, Apple, AIS, Dtac, AP, Vogue, and GQ, etc.

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