Returning to childhood dreams through a cartoon time machine – Nirun Boonyarattaphan

About Talk

Any youngster who lived during the 80’s and 90’s have surely all heard the voice of Nirun Boonyarattaphan, or “Na Toi.” Na Toi has voiced many famous cartoon characters including Tuxedo Mask, Giant, Son Goku, Tiger Mask, and many other well-known characters. His techniques, unique voice, and amazing strength and determination makes him an icon within the Thai voice over industry. He is not only the icon ofthe industry, but also with ordinary people. He is the person who brings happiness to the little children who get out of bed early during the weekend mornings to watch their favorite cartoons. Na Toi has learnt so much from the characters that he lends his voice to and those lessons he has learnt has even helped him get through some of the toughest times of his life!

About Speaker

– His first voice over job was for the series Tiger Mask that was replayed on the air. Tiger Mask was the show that inspired him to be a voice actor since he was a young child.
– Nicknamed “Na Toi Sambe” from his voice over of Dr. Norimaki Sambe in Dr. Slump and Arale-chan. Children loved this cartoon so much that thousands of fan mails were sent to the TV broadcasting station every single week!
– His decision to abstain from alcohol was inspired by the parents of his fans, saying that they did not want their children to see Na Toi drinking beer. Since then, he was determined to be a good role model for all children.

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