Our actions and inactions allow children to tread wrong paths – Thicha na Nakorn

About Talk

There is one juvenile detention center in Thailand that does not have a door. In this detention center, the adolescents are not forced to wear prison uniforms. They make their own decisions on what to wear, and even what to do with their hair! On their first day, the youths are warmly welcomed and hugged by Thicha na Nakorn or ‘Pa Mon’, the director of Ban Kajanapisek. Pa Mon believes from the bottom of her heart that all of her ‘juvenile delinquents’ do have seeds of goodness within them; they just need a little more sunlight and water to grow stronger. Pa Mon and the rest of the staff at the center are working relentlessly to support, cultivate and rebuild these young people. Pa Mon’s only wish is for the children to return to their family and society with seeds of love and kindness firmly planted in their hearts.

About Speaker

– Currently, she is working as a director of Ban Kanchanapisek.
– Juvenile Vocational Training Centre for Boys Juveniles at the Ban Kanchanapisek are allowed to go to courts without being accompanied or chained; the kids dress neatly and formally, take the public bus by themselves and never attempt to escape.
– The story of Pa Mon and the way she works with juveniles in Ban Kajanapisek was portrayed in the well known book called A Little Children Grow in the Light which has been published six times.

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