TEDxBangkok 2017





August 5th, 2017, 8AM - 6PM
KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre, 7th Floor, Siam Square One

When tiny ordinary things meet the complexities of ideas and imagination, a greater force is created. This force stands as the origin, the foundation for energies even greater than what it once was. A single person - a single idea - might not have enough power to change the world. But here, we believe the ideas shared upon this platform have the power to reach millions of other minds, creating something the world has never seen before.

At TEDxBangkok 2017, we will be bringing together a highly diverse group of speakers, performances and activities that will spur your creativity to mingle between people, ideas and actions. Our topics will cover biomedical technology, education, public transportation, design, religious differences, traditional entertainment, aging society, and many more conversations to immerse in, from speakers and fellow attendees alike.

Break your boundaries this August with 13 speakers, 2 performances, and activities that will create an experience like no other. Little things will mingle to change ideas and society, right here in the heart of Bangkok.

The ordinary will become the extraordinary.
What we overlooked will become our focus.
Things that were scattered will be put back together,
better and more beautiful than ever.

TEDxBangkok 2017 asks you to let ‘little things mingle’
Saturday 5th August 2017, Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre,
7th Floor, Siam Square One.

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When small things mingle, it creates the extraordinary.

Mingle with Ideas Worth Spreading with 13 speakers and 2 performances, with as many thought-provoking activities as ever,
engaging your mind to create change out of the small.