TEDxBangkok 2015






13 June 2015, 8PM – 6PM
Aksra Theatre King Power

For the first time ever, you are invited to join the extraordinary platform of learning, idea-sharing and expansion of creativity, right in the heart of Bangkok. Take part in the experience where thoughts are ignited and inspirations rush like an oncoming wave, ready to ripple outwards to form an enormous wall of water, charged with boundless, unstoppable energy.

“In order to see where the wave is coming from, you have to look at the ripples.”
– An Xiao Mina, TEDGlobal 2013

An idea from one person might seem like a small wave in the massive ocean; its path is unpredictable, its force is uncertain. Yet when these waves of various origins come together from all corners of the sea, they are capable of joining as one to create unexpected phenomenons.

Join the ripples of ideas from 18 carefully selected Speakers, whose waves will take you to untraveled shores of new perspectives as you’ve never expected.

For we believe that you are one of these tremendous waves, with a course of your own and a unique spark unlike any other.

No matter who you are or which direction you’re from, we challenge you to join us in shaping this new phenomenon; to catch the current that is rippling to the monumental wave of transformative change with TEDxBangkok 2015, under the theme ‘Catching the Ripples’, on the 13th of June at Aksra Theatre King Power from 8.00am-6.00pm.

Are you ready to join the ripples and wield the power of your wave?

Speakers & Performances

We aim to help you shake previous ideas off your old frame, and replace the empty space with new ideas, knowledge and perspectives.
Chalida Kunalai
Our noses are the time machine which can revive those good old days.
Chairit Imjareon
Are we possibly only hearing through our ears, but not listening with our hearts?
Pattarapol Maneeorn, DVM.
If one day the wildlife has reached its extinction, it will soon be our time.
Purin Phanichphant
A man who had designed toilets for the Kenyan, travelled around the world without boarding on a single plane, and then turned from being a designer into an artist.
Wannasingh Prasertkul
What is virtue? How do we classify "a virtuous person" and why these days such term has turned into an insult?
Banyong Pongpanich
We must transform the attitude of the mass from just "not doing bad" to "not letting others do bad".
Prof. Pimchai Chaiyen, PhD.
Life is an experiment: we form hypotheses, and seek to proof them. Even when the results are unexpected, we gain knowledge and countless valuable experiences along the way.
Kris Sanguanpiyapand
"I believe we can forecast a country’s future from the mass media they consume. "
Pichet Klunchun
Contemporary Art is the way to look into the future. You may not have a clue today but in the next 20 years you will.
Mahisorn Wongphati
I believe that Thai people are capable. We have won in many international competitions. What we lack is the opportunity.
Pongskorn Saipetch, PhD.
Have you ever wondered why all Thai people draw the same kind of bird?
Supakorn Noja
I decided to take a stand. I couldn't give up. If I did, they would've gotten even stronger.
Natavudh Pungcharoenpong
Build your own startup. Do what you love, create products that you love. This will be the greatest achivement of your life.
Nitsara Karoonuthaisiri, PhD.
Scientists cannot get into art; artists don't understand science. What's wrong with our conutry? Why do we value one-sided specialists?
Ariya Banomyong
I was raised by my grandfather. I never knew what he did until I was much older. But what I did feel was immense love and devotion to our country.
Nathrada Lekatanachol
Teaching - perhaps the most important profession. Teach children well, and they'll grow up to be the doctors that heal you. Teach children badly, and they'll grow up to be the thieves that hurt you.
Pol Huiprasert
A concert’s success is not measured by the amount of tickets sold, but by the songs fans sing to in the shower the following morning.
Asst. Prof. Niramon Kulsrisombat, PhD.
There are countries where people have time to take their dogs for a walk before venturing out to work. We all live under the same 24-hour spell. What are we going to do, Bangkok inhabitants?


Ideas without action aren't ideas. They're regrets. / Steve Jobs

License Holder
Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna

Speaker Coordinator 
Piriya Kulganchanacheewin
Kaweewut Temphuwapat
Nuntinee Tansrisakul
Chanin Srisuma
Nitcharanunt Pipattanamongkol
Rattanakamol Poomsanoh
Chrissie Langkulsen
Nicha Tuntisirivit
Worapol Borriboonsub

Pijarin Lertsaroj
Anantaroj Laobutree
Fa Likitswat
Pat Likitswat
Lapthawan Leerapongkul
Sakura Uetsuji
Kasinan Suthiwanich

Sunantha Phophuttharak

Sponsorship Coordinator
Thawatchai Saengthamchai

Venue Coordinator
Pawanrat Pasawongse
Nathadol Sahawatwong
Tanit Jongwisetchok
Cherprang Areekul
Pornnapas Huntrakool
Suvipa Surakit
Nattaya Thongto
Wiporn Turongsomboon
Polamin Wuthithanakul
Chontanisa Wiwatwarayos
Issaree Deephala

Asama Thanakitkoset
Ritthisak Wongpan-ngam
Valad Saneeh
Kolayuth Jirawongnirandon

Kawin Koonvisal
Panot Anansakunwatt
Pollasate Lohachalatanakul

Thantida Sasoontorn
Chawit Chinsonthikul
Napaphat Limvarakul

Chonticha Homklinkaew
Apapat Wasnadamrongdee
Pichitra Tachanirut
Richa Tantisirivat
Napatrostorn Tanathanyatoranun
Patchareeporn Adjananont

Piyapat Patipoksut
Rukwana Maneechoti
Sapanya Srisook
Chutima Lertsurapakdee
Nutcha Temiyasathit
Nattinee Sae-Ho
Pollanut Kittiakrastein
Sanon Wangsrangboon
Prarinda Pluemchittikul
Warisara Krairavee
Klittima Tansavatdi
Jakrawan Salaytoo
Samattapon Witthawaskul
Jarika Makkoch

Activity (Blind Theatre)
Kris Sanguanpiyapand
Pontakorn Pakavaleetorn
Nijchaya Meeprasertskul
Wasin Wachiradilok
Janejira Isarasaena Na Ayuttaya
Azaran Ma
Ramida Charoenklang
Rapeephat Akara-amorntham
Goravee Tipsuk
Phichanog Koodisthalerth
Chontirot Ninduangkaew
Pavida Watchirapanyaporn
Nuttapiroon Jamamporn
Piroonluk Jamamporn
Panachai plodthong
Thanyalak. Haeonet
Punyapha phummidit
Kwanupsorn Arnin
Nutchanon kerdumpaeng
Pinyaput Sudtipornthananun
Panupong Pimprasit
Poom Suwanchareon